Hall of Gaming

is a gaming and tournament space that is home to a welcoming and passionate community.

Players happily suprised by what happened in their tournament match

We run tournaments.

Hall of Gaming is proud to host tournaments for these games in Connecticut.

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Don't see your game and think there's a community for it? Contact us.

We provide freeplay.

We love games and believe that our space is a great way for us to share them with our community.

Play for free anytime we're open. No strings attached.

Console and PC Freeplay

Play from a selection of hundreds of titles on our gaming PCs or on any of our consoles. Enjoy anything from couch co-op games to fighting games to adventure games.

Board Game Freeplay

Play any tabletop games from our collection. We have a variety of games ranging from social deduction games to deck builders to co-ops.