Hi! Arty here.

I'm the owner of Hall of Gaming and the guy who made this website. I'm talking to you in the first person because I think that contacting Hall of Gaming is the same as contacting me, so I'm skipping the formalities.

Anyways, I'm glad you're here! It means you might have some feedback or a cool idea to share! All feedback is good. Alternatively, you might just want more information. In that case, ask away!

I've listed some ways to contact me below and they're my own personal accounts, so you know that the message will be going straight to me and not to some intermediate person. I hope this encourages you to start a conversation with me about what you've got to say!

Discord: aetywow

If those methods don't work for you and you'd rather just go with good old fashioned email, my address is [my facebook name above] at Gmail. I wrote that in a cryptic way on purpose to avoid bots that search websites for emails and then spam you. Spam is the worst, right?

If you insist on contacting "Hall of Gaming" instead, you can do that with these links below as long as you know that one of my henchpeople might see it first and it'll just get forwarded to me anyways. Also, don't call them henchpeople; they don't like that. Henchpeople these days, sheesh!

Hope to see you soon! I go to almost all of our events so if you choose to attend one, ask for me and say hi!